The New Rosen XR1020U takes ON THE ROAD ENTERTAINMENT to a whole new level. Featuring included User Accessible and optional Hidden HDMI/USB inputs - SmartTV in the backseat becomes a reality. Just connect a Smartphone or a SmartTV Streaming Stick such as the Amazon FireTV Stick, Roku Streaming Stick or Chromecast and todays content rich applications can be accessed for passengers to enjoy while rolling down the road. The system also features a Built-In DVD player to be able to playback a consumer's DVD collection or a Red Box Rental while cruising. Topping off the XR1020U, we have included 54 x Built-In Games with 2 wireless game controllers so whether your customers are Old tech or New tech lovers, the XR1020U complements the masses.

XR1020U - In-Vehicle Entertainment System

  • Dual Built-in DVD player (DVD/CD/MP3 playback)

  • Multiple Media Connectors: HDMI input, USB input, 3.5mm Aux input and A/V output
  • HDMI Connectivity to expand content access through Smartphones and SmartTV Sticks
  • Full Frequency Wireless FM modulated audio
  • Dual Dome Lights with 3-Way Switch (On-Auto-Off)
  • Selectable IR Transmitter (Channel A or B)
  • FREE iPod/iPhone interface with iTunes APP
  • 50 On-Board Games
  • Available in 3 Colors: - Gray (XR1020G) - Neutral (XR1020N) - Black (XR1020B)
  • Includes: (2) Wireless Headphones, (1) Wireless Remote, (1) Wireless Game Controller
HDMI Connectivity

10.2-INCH HIGH RESOLUTION LCD DISPLAY - Enjoy your favorite movies, television shows, and music videos on an 10.2-inch High-definition LCD screen and experience them all in greater detail.

CONVENIENT MEDIA CONNECTORS - Whether you have a hard drive full of movies that uses a USB or a portable player with an HDMI output, the system is ready to accept different types of connections. The system includes HDMI input, USB input, 3.5mm Aux input and A/V output.

HDMI CONNECTIVITY - The HDMI input allows you to hook up your smart-phone®, Amazon® Fire TV Stick™, Roku® Streaming Stick™, etc. Stream content directly into the monitors for endless entertainment, making every drive a fun drive (*must have Wi-Fi connection).
Note: Additional HDMI adapter for smart-phone required and sold separately.

DUAL DOME LIGHTS - with 3-Way Switch (On-Auto-Off).

GAMING - Connect with the systems included wireless game remote and enjoy playing any of the systems 50 built-in video games. If that doesn't fulfill the experience, use the AUX input to connect your own game console.

FITMENT - Available in 3 Colors: Gray (XR1020G), Neutral (XR1020N) and Black (XR1020B).

MATCHING FACTORY WARRANTY - The system is covered under the same bumper-to-bumper vehicle warranty.

Screen Size (inches)    10.2 INCH
Playback Format    DVD / CD / MP3
Built In IR Transmitter    YES
AV Output    YES
Screen Type/ Resolution    480P
HDMI Input    YES
1080P File Format Support    YES
AUX Input    YES
Adjustable Tilt Angle    YES
Shared Viewing    YES
FM Modulated Audio    YES
Gaming    60 BUILT-IN
Remote Control, Game Controller, Headphones    YES
RCA Adapter    YES
.avi (Audio Video Interlace) YES
.flv (Flash Video) YES
.mkv (Matroska) YES
.mov, .qt (QuickTime) YES
.mp4 (MPEG-4 Part 12) YES
.m4v (Apple similar to .mp4) NO
.rm (RealMedia) NO
.vob (DVD) YES
Video Format (Video codec)** SUPPORTED
.Divx YES
H.264 YES
RealVideo (codec for RealMedia) NO
Video Image

* Media container = video format (video codec) + audio format (audio codec) + subtitle

** Video format (codec) is the compression method